Omicron’s sweeping the country at the moment.

There are staff shortages on the Underground, the buses, the hospitals.. one hospital even messaged that if someone needs to get to hospital urgently that they should try and get a friend to drive them there, rather than phoning for an ambulance.

Many thanks Mirko. I think the true potential of this 100x alt-coin will show when the lockdowns ease and ticket sales (already at record levels in the first few months of 2021) soar. It wouldn't surprise me to see the price tripling within days, due to some new news about harnessing NFTs for event financing (just published on their website) 14/3/2021

Are you a cryptocurrency investor? Are you frustrated that everything seems to have gone up 10x, 100x or even 1000x?

You may think have missed the boat with some cryptocurrencies. But if you look hard you will still find the odd undiscovered gem.

Today I would like to share with…


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