Saying “I am right and you are wrong” as the entirety of your argument is completely lacking in substance. If you disagree with any of the points you should explain why using proper arguments, just like I did in this article.

What’s going on in the world of crypto?

This blog is not about bitcoin at all. It’s about alt-coins. But I need to start with bitcoin to give a bit of context. You can skip ahead if you want.

Image by Megan Rexazin from Pixabay

Not financial Advice

I am not your financial advisor. Nothing in this blog should be considered financial advice. All investments carry risk, crypto much more than most. You might lose all of your money. So don’t invest it if you might need it.


Let’s start with bitcoin. It’s important to understand what is going on with bitcoin to get a…

Many thanks Mirko. I think the true potential of this 100x alt-coin will show when the lockdowns ease and ticket sales (already at record levels in the first few months of 2021) soar. It wouldn't surprise me to see the price tripling within days, due to some new news about harnessing NFTs for event financing (just published on their website) 14/3/2021

In August 2017 there was a hard fork of bitcoin. Bitcoin cash was born.

Each holder of bitcoin received an equal number of bitcoin cash tokens.

The reason for the fork was disagreement about the future direction of bitcoin. One factions wanted a larger block size to accommodate more transactions, faster transactions and less fees. The other faction wanted a different amendment known as Segwit.

After the split both sides tried to claim that their token was the “true bitcoin”.

We now know that the Segwit side won and their bitcoin core is regarded as the true bitcoin (BTC)while the…

Are you a cryptocurrency investor? Are you frustrated that everything seems to have gone up 10x, 100x or even 1000x?

You may think have missed the boat with some cryptocurrencies. But if you look hard you will still find the odd undiscovered gem.

Today I would like to share with you one of those unnoticed gems.

It’s an alt-coin that I believe has massive potential. After being seemingly forgotten and overlooked for years it is just starting to wake up. There are good reasons for this. Things are happening which could cause the price to explode upwards.

Read on to…

If you are not four years old, or the Daddy of a four year old, don’t waste your time here. You can leave now.

“Daddy, what’s bitcoin?”

I’ll bet you don’t know the answer to that one. If you can’t be bothered to read on, sit your toddler in front of a YouTube video, and let someone else do the hard work.

Example: Video — this little boy is learning about bitcoin, distributed ledger technologies and blockchains on YouTube.

Son: “Daddy, what’s bitcoin?”

Daddy: “It’s kind of like money”

Son: “But, what’s money?”

Daddy: “It’s what we use to…


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