An alt-coin with 1000x potential


  1. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.
  2. Never put all your eggs in one basket

What is this crypto-currency with so much potential?

What does GET Protocol do?

GET Protocol powered ticket holders enjoying a Rock concert

A solution to ticket fraud and scalping

  • Fraud (The practice by some criminals of selling invalid, fake or copied tickets)
  • Scalping (Scalpers use bots to buy up 100s of tickets as soon as they become available and then re-sell those tickets at extortionate prices)

The GET Protocol is in daily use by multiple ticket issuers

How does GET protocol work?

Young people attending a ticket-only event.

Why do I think that the GET Protocol token has potential for an enormous price increase?

Small Market Cap

More than 10% of the cryptos ranking from #600 to #700 increased by 100% in the last week

Real World Use

Supply and Demand

The Legal Environment is favourable to ending scalping


GET is not a new project



More to come

The GET Protocol token is an undiscovered GEM


Where to buy GET tokens

Becoming a Liquidity Provider on Uniswap






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