An alt-coin with 1000x potential


I am not your financial advisor, and nothing in this blog should be taken as financial advice. Do your own research.

  1. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.
  2. Never put all your eggs in one basket

What is this crypto-currency with so much potential?

I am talking about the alt-coin called GET which is a component of the GET Protocol.

What does GET Protocol do?

It’s the future of ticketing for events, concerts, plays, sports, live-streams, or basically anything that needs a ticket to gain access. It is being used daily.

GET Protocol powered ticket holders enjoying a Rock concert

A solution to ticket fraud and scalping

GET was set up in 2016 to develop a digital ticketing solution. It solves two important problems facing ticket issuers:

  • Fraud (The practice by some criminals of selling invalid, fake or copied tickets)
  • Scalping (Scalpers use bots to buy up 100s of tickets as soon as they become available and then re-sell those tickets at extortionate prices)

The GET Protocol is in daily use by multiple ticket issuers

The GET Protocol is a “white-label” product meaning that any ticket issuer can use the GET protocol when issuing tickets. Ticket issuers in 4 countries are now using the GET Protocol. The list is expected to grow.

How does GET protocol work?

Tickets are registered on the blockchain and connected to visitors’ smartphones, making fraud impossible.

Young people attending a ticket-only event.

Why do I think that the GET Protocol token has potential for an enormous price increase?

Small Market Cap

I like small-caps because they can make very big moves in a short space of time. Small-cap cryptos sometimes deliver 100's even 1000's of percent gains within days of being “discovered”. Longer term moves of 100x or 1000x are not uncommon for small lesser known crypto. Look at the snapshot of smallcap coins in the ranking range of #600 to #700 below. More than 10% of them made 100%+ gains over the last week. Almost every week some do that.

More than 10% of the cryptos ranking from #600 to #700 increased by 100% in the last week

Real World Use

I like to invest in things that I understand. Things with a real and practical use.

Supply and Demand

I like anything that has an increasing demand and a falling supply.

The Legal Environment is favourable to ending scalping

Governments are under pressure to bring in laws to crack down on ticket touting and scalping. For example in the UK, the Digital and the Creative Industries Minister Margot James said:


Lastly, GET is engaging in an active “Buy and burn” of its tokens which should help support the price.

GET is not a new project

I like to invest in projects which are already working. Many of the coins out-there represent projects which are still in the planning stage, or which still have yet to deliver a finished product.


I prefer to invest in alt-coins where I can see the team.


I pay close attention to how well a company communicates when I am contemplating an investment. I like to see a regularly updated website, road map, and activity on Twitter and Telegram.

More to come

GET is working on some very important projects at the moment such as GET event financing using NFT tokens. I won’t go into all the details of the exciting developments coming this year. You can read more here andhere.

The GET Protocol token is an undiscovered GEM

While most ICO’s saw phenomenal returns in 2017, the majority of these projects were unable to sustain their newfound success, largely because they had their priorities backwards. While most projects looked to the short term, GET’s focus has always been on the long term, choosing instead to build the infrastructure and to let their service speak for themselves, holding off on marketing efforts.


All too often I am discovering a crypto that I think has potential, only to find that it has already gone up 10x, 20x or 50x before I discovered it. Clearly I won’t make as much money as I would have made, had I found it earlier. I hate missing the boat.

Where to buy GET tokens

Whilst GET trades on a number of exchanges, it is probably best to only buy it on the Uniswap Decentralised Exchange. Uniswap has a deep liquidity pool, meaning you can trade tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth.

Becoming a Liquidity Provider on Uniswap

Uniswap charges 0.3% on every trade which it processes. 100% of that fee is given back to the Liquidity Providers proportional to their fee. You have to deposit an equal value of GET and ETH and you will receive a return paid in both ETH and GET equivalent to your share of the total fees generated. At one point yesterday the annualised return rate was running at well over 40%, but earlier today it had dropped down to around 20%. In addition liquidity providers regularly receive airdrops of GET tokens paid from the GET support fund which increases your reward for being a LP.


Considering everything, GET Protocol is an undiscovered gem that could easily soar when it is discovered. If you share my view, you will want to get in before the others. Don’t wait for the rush. Don’t be last. Do your own research before relying on me. This is not financial advice.


I do not work for the GET or GUTS. I have not been paid to write this article. I have not asked for any form of remuneration or reward, and will not do so. You cannot remunerate me through Medium’s reward system either.



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