GET Protocol — A token used for NFT ticketing

Photo of the statistics on 7 May 2022 from the NFT Ticket Explorer
Everyone here has a GET-fuelled ticket in their pocket, though very few are aware of the details.

GET Protocol for ticketers in a nutshell

Easily implement the latest technology and unlock the benefits of truly digital NFT blockchain ticketing.

We help anyone who issues tickets worldwide to take advantage of the latest technological innovations.

We’ve got a product that will take your ticketing to the next level.

Whether you are completely new to the game or already sell millions of tickets a year.

Why NFTs?

Tickets become tradable digital collectibles (NFTs), with a variety of awesome possibilities for fans & event organisers.

NFTs are the new scrap-book collectibles

White-Label Solution — ideal for new ticketing companies

The GET Protocol white-label is a comprehensive and complete suite of tools that provides any prospective new ticketing company the perfect start for issuing smart tickets in their local market under their own branding.

Why would a ticketeer want to use GET Protocol’s White-Label solution?

Clear, verifiable data on ticket ownership, vastly improving marketing efforts.

Total control and insights over the primary & secondary market.

Take in the profit that would otherwise have gone to scalpers.

Tried and tested system with daily users across the globe.

Bring user friendly scale-free ticketing to local market under your own branding.

A non-invasive blockchain layer on top of your existing ticketing activity.

Enables you to tap into the benefits of NFTs with zero integration risk.

Expand to new revenue streams.

Innovative user experience.

All the benefits of blockchain tickets with no impact on your system.

Since 2016 over 1.7 million tickets have been sold using GET Protocol’s technology in 121 countries.

Ticketing companies of all sizes use the protocol.

Examples using GET Protocol’s “White-Label” Solution

The ticket vendor has full control over the secondary market.

What about ticket vendors who are reluctant to change their existing ticketing process?

Ticketers can keep their existing ticketing process, and do business as usual, whilst issuing an NFT copy of every ticket using GET Protocol’s “Digital Twin” product. This brings all the benefits of NFTs without any risk.

The Digital Twin Product explained

Some ticketers may be reluctant to change their existing ticketing process. Things can carry on as before. With almost no effort, ticketers can use GET Protocol’s Digital-Twin product to create an NFT copy of every ticket they issue.

Event Financing

Event organisers and artists will no longer need to partner with loan sharks or large corporations when seeking finance for an event.


Now, you understand the value of GET Protocol’s White-Label ticketing system, an all-in-one ticketing solution.

The GET Protocol Token

The original investors in GET Protocol tokens paid money for the token so that the team could develop these solutions for the benefit of the whole ticketing industry. The future value of the token is linked to the success of the system and the number of tickets sold. The number of tickets being sold via GET’s solutions is growing very fast. Several developments are in progress which will benefit all parties. I will shortly publish an article which will demonstrate how and why the GET Protocol token may become the next 100x performer. For more information visit the GET Protocol website. (Google is your friend).


I am a holder of GET Protocol tokens because I believe they have enormous potential.



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